Diffuser oil in amber glass bottle with cork stopper and diffuser sticks tied with a colorful bow.

Reed Diffuser - Lemongrass

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Intensely lemon-like with ginger freshness, there is no other perfume that is as alluring as lemongrass. If you are looking for a clean, fresh fragrance then this is the one for you. Lemongrass has all of the qualities of a citrus aroma but with slightly sweeter overtones and subtle, light top notes.

Reed diffusers are the safest and most attractive way to add fragrance to a room. They don't require heat or open flames and last for a few months or more. It's very simple to set it up and can be left alone to do it's job of dispersing fragrances around your home or office spaces. After placing the reeds into the mouth of the oil bottle, wait 24 hours to allow the oil to travel up the reeds to evaporate into the air. It's a good idea to turn the reeds every so often to keep the reeds well soaked in the fragrance oils.

At Provenance, we use fragrances and essential oils that are fresh, fruity, herby and delicious. The scents are subtle yet just enough to make a room smell wonderful. We don't believe in bombarding the senses with overly strong aromas because in our experience, too much of a good thing can become tiring and counterproductive. Choose a fragrance from our range of reed diffusers that perfectly suits your home.

Natural sugar alcohol, distilled water, polysorbate 20, lemongrass essential oil.